Sunday, May 9, 2010

spread clusters - learning the language in all keys

Tim Jones told me Why don't you just keep a diary of musical things you come across and/or practice.

I have been working on the non jazz keys so to speak. That many fumble on. A, E, B and F#
Play a jazz blues in these keys for hours
been lovin it!

1) 13 #9 w natural 9 above ("16") -- pretty consonant;

Last night i was getting into this cluster spread; a little more crunchy, still nice and very practical:
2) root, sharp 4, 3rd ("10") ..7 and 11 up higher
So in C: C, F#, E, Bb, F.
= C7

so this morning i thought ok let's move between these functional consonant clusters as an exercise in all keys.

in C;
F# moving down in quavers, to F, to E - against top note moving in quaver triplets: F, to E, to Eb, to D - while the middle note moves in crotchets: E to Eb.

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