Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Minor Scales

Here are some scales I made up. Sure, they probably already exist somewhere else. But actually - discovered them from some seven-note chords I had stumbled across and scribbled down. For me these are new parent scales.

Except for the Egyptian scale. Got that from Miles's autobiography.

Experiment with using them with seven chords - like you might use a Gmin or Dbmin scale for C7 .. ... ....

blue print is IONIC scale
- means flat [b]
+ means sharp [#]

PS Tasmanian scale is -2, -3

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cool scale for a Seven chord

Hi everyone! all of my three followers!!! And you if you are new.

Block chords are great.
use a major scaled w an added flat six

slight variation i came up w recently is - instead of having that natural six, make it a 7. for Seven chords
in C: [descending] C B Bb Ab G F E D C

great way to use the humble 7 chord voicing. (do drop two or whatever, can spread all sorts of ways)

NOW --- this above mentioned scale, for G7.
was telling Fred from CSIRO yesterday about it when we caught up in the street as you SO do in Hobart.
It's all cute and majory and all seven sus ish up top ...and then down around the 9ths is all dark with flat and sharp nines Ab, Bb.

Thanks for reading
love you. Tom.